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Standard Industry Information:

 To ensure you are pleased with your promotional merchandise we offer you advice on common industry practices so that you can plan and budget properly.

1. Overruns / Underruns

Because each item is made to order for you, sometimes our factories and printers produce extra goods to clear the inspection process. According to industry practice, please note a 10% order overrun/underrun is considered acceptable fulfillment of your order. Consult your APS Account Executive if you need to have exact quantity or modify your quantity instructions.

2. Order Details

We endeavor to deliver a “no surprises” experience on every order.  As we gather pre-order information from you to provide quotes, proposals and pricing, we ask you to keep in mind that quotes are subject to review and acceptance of final art and specifications at the time your order is placed.

Every effort is made to stock the merchandise we propose to you, however when you order, merchandise may not be in stock.  We will advise you on any available substitutions, or the expected arrival time of your item. 

Orders are shipped (FOB) which means title transfers to you at the factory dock.  All orders are subject to applicable taxes, duties and fees.  If you are tax exempt please provide us a copy of your exemption.  Delivery time provided is approximate and delays can occur that are beyond our control.

3. Inspection and Receipt of Your Order 

It is common to order goods in advance of an event to facilitate your schedule. Replenishing stock on a cycle and/or ordering early is a healthy practice to assure your item is on hand when you need it most. We suggest you always inspect your order upon receipt - not when the need is immediate.  This allows you the peace of mind in knowing your order is correct and allows you ample time for replacement in the event of a mishap in decorating or in transportation. 

4. Claims Procedure
What happens if you shake that box and you hear more jingling than you should?  If your contents are fragile, such as glass or ceramic, ask your delivery driver to note possible breakage on the shipment. If there is breakage after you open your carton, remember to photograph any damage and keep the original packaging that your order was shipped in. Doing so assists the factory in filing the proper claims and assists us in replacing the contents more quickly.

Try as we might to eliminate every problem from your life, mistakes sometimes occur and APS takes pride in promptly resolving any issue.